Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Leverage AI driven insights to make better decisions and proactively improve customer satisfaction with confidence. Unifying data from across numerous sources, this app gives users a single view of customers, helps boost engagement, and unearths insights to help businesses produce personalized experiences.

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Customer Insights is a marketer-based management system which creates a unified customer database that is accessible to other systems.
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Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights helps both agents and customer service managers make better decisions and proactively improve customer satisfaction by using artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics capabilities for Customer Service and Omnichannel for Customer Service. You can empower your teams with insights into customer satisfaction–boosting analytics and AI-powered features to spend less time searching and more time engaging with customers.

The premium AI capabilities in Customer Service Insights use advanced AI technology in natural language understanding and natural language generation to help your service team resolve cases efficiently and guide them to success.

Agents can use real-time similar cases and knowledge article suggestions that are customized for their current context. The AI-driven technology empowers agents to help solve customer issues faster, thereby improving resolution rates and customer satisfaction.

These capabilities are embedded into the core agent and manager experiences in Customer Service and Customer Service Omnichannel applications.

Example of KPI summary dashboard

Customer Service Insights across your organization

Customer Service Insights connects with your Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Omnichannel for Customer Service data to provide your support organization with out-of-the-box AI and BI capabilities, such as customer service analytics and similar case suggestions. Different applications will surface slightly different feature sets, as explained in this topic.

Customer Service applications

Customer Service Insights is now embedded in Customer Service. After it is enabled, this experience allows you to see historical analytics directly within the Customer Service environment, with several out-of-the-box dashboards that can be viewed by by your management team.

For details on the customer service offerings, see the following topics:

Omnichannel for Customer Service

Customer Service Insights for Omnichannel for Customer Service brings many of the key operational metrics and features into your daily contact center operations. Real-time customer sentiment analysis, combined with contextual AI suggestions for similar cases and knowledge articles helps agents reduce customer frustration and case resolution times. With the sentiment analysis dashboard, you can use real-time sentiment data to gain a better understanding of how customer interactions drive KPIs and satisfaction scores.

For details on Customer Service Omnichannel offerings, see the following topics:

platform (CDP) that helps deliver personalized customer experiences. The platform's capabilities provide insights into who your customers are and how they engage with your platform. Unify customer data across multiple sources to get a single view of customers.

  • Audience insights helps you transform your business into a customer-centric organization. Marketing, sales, and service professionals have the insights they need to personalize experiences. Connect data from transactional, behavioral, and observational sources to create a 360-degree customer view. See results faster with a CDP designed to deliver insights that can be acted upon.
  • Engagement insights (preview) enables you to understand interactively, how your customers are using your services and products – both individually and holistically – on websites, mobile apps, and connected products. Combine behavioral analytics with transactional, demographic, survey, and other data types from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Maintain full control over your customer data to ensure the highest level of data governance and compliance.

Choose a capability

Customer insights page that lets you navigate to audience insights or engagement insights.

To choose a capability

  1. In the navigation pane, select All apps to open the Choose your focus window.
  2. Select Go now to navigate to the capability of your choice.


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